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Reporting Tools

PCS offers client line online reporting which allows for 120 different customized reports to help with easy reconciliation for the single merchant as well as the jobber and distributor that has multiple locations and chains. These reports can have a roll up chain and can be set up to reconcile the information to your back office software.

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We at Petroleum Card Services attempt to support every merchant according to their individual needs. Our Risk division works with Independent Sales and merchants Organizations to set up and retain their accounts to match to all Visa and MasterCard Operating Rules and Regulations. Risk monitors a series of complex, detailed reports on a daily basis that can assist merchants to identify any activity which may diverge from parameters that have been set during the operational process. Activity such as abnormal daily batches, keyed (manual) versus electronically swiped transactions, duplicate transactions, individual high ticket transactions, negative batches, and excessive declines are all monitored and merchants notified when needed. Risk has the capacity to work with merchants in all phases of transaction history, holds and releases of entire batches or individual transactions.

Another area of major significance in which our Risk division can support merchants is with Retrieval/Chargeback management. With the millions of transactions generated daily, it is expected that a few will become exempt items as a result of a customer query or argument. It is awfully significant for the merchant to react as soon as possible with whole documentation as these requests are time responsive. Our risk division can assist the merchant diminish exceptions by alerting the merchant of potential hazards which may lead to the merchant realizing chargebacks due to indecent processing techniques which may comprise abnormal single transaction amounts, keyed (manual) transactions, refunds issued without corresponding charges, duplicated transactions, and the ever increasing matter of fake transactions including employee fraud and stolen credit cards.