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Other Fleet

We live up to our promise of providing more to the petroleum merchants in the nation by providing them innovative petroleum payment solutions to help them service their fleet customers in a better way. Our association with the leading fleet card systems make our payment solutions for the petroleum industry more adept.

Wright Express is one of the most preferred private Fleet card at most of the fueling locations in the US. It has been accepted as the transaction data recorder at over 40,000 vehicle maintenance stations and about 180,000 fuel and vehicle maintenance locations. Its customer base comprises major commercial establishments, including DHL, FedEx and UPS, with the overall number being over 295,000 fleets and 4.4 million vehicles. PCS offers complete Wright Express card services.

There are more than 1 million Voyager Fleet cards in the market overtaking most part of the Federal Government fleet transaction and State Government fleet transactions. Most of its business comes from the government however it is fast carving its way into the commercial market as well. Its customer base includes, General Service Administration, US Sprint and US Postal Service.

Fleet One caters financial services to both companies as well as the petroleum merchants that serve their fleets. It is an associate with Sun Trust Banks, Inc., which is among the leading commercial banking companies in the US, having assets of about $172.4 billion and deposits of $113.7 billion. It offers an array of solutions to its customers, including electronic payment authorizations, fuel card services, financial settlement, factoring, and billing.

Fuelman is another Fleet Card system that caters its services to both merchants and fleets. It provides improved solutions to fleet managers helping them to simplify billing, provide 24/7/365 administrative support as well as customize and control fleet spending. While the merchants benefits from the increased in the amount of fleets coming to their pump. It is a subsidiary of FleetCor, The Fleet Card Company, which is a leading service provider in the fleet market.

We at PCS Midwest can set up your profile to be able to accept most any Fleet Card so you can attract or retain more Fleet business.